Marketing Roadmap

Our marketing strategy,
The main goal of our marketing plan is to simply convey the vision to the community as a whole. The sweet and obtainable vision of what $ETHER will be and could be. This alone will help put us in front of the rest and will pave the way for our marketing plans.
After we sell the vision of $ETHER, we will push marketing through call channels. Not the usual pump and dump channels we are so used to in this space. We will thoroughly choose and time the use of call channels for the best growth and return. We want to bring in holders that believe in $ETHER. The team is well known and trusted in this space which will make this part so much easier.
We plan for real marketing and not spending all of the marketing money on call channels or Twitter posts. We are planning on a long-term marketing strategy.
Big-name YouTubers, as well as tiktokers, will be a big part in describing and educating new investors on the $ETHER vision and connecting with the community.
Consistent community engagements such as AMA's, real-time announcements, behind-the-scenes focus points, and friendly interaction and updates will be a staple.
Twitter raids and other platforms will help to push the vision of $ETHER out to everyone with our dedicated community. This is a very cost-effective approach and helps keep the community engaged. Through these raids, we can show everyone the power of our community.
Listings on major exchanges will be a very powerful form of marketing and exposure that we will work towards.
Our vision is simple, with our marketing strategy being just as simple. The vision of $ETHER will be behind every chosen piece of marketing. The long-term vision will be a big part of every aspect of $ETHER.