$ETHER Whitepaper

The Vision Of Ethereal Doge

The details behind our vision and what we plan to accomplish
Ethereal Doge ($ETHER) launched in late November of 2022 and has already established a strong community in the BSC crypto space. We aim to bring crypto to the Memecoin lovers of the world. Ethereal Doge is built on the Binance Smart Chain network benefiting from it's low gas fees.
Ethereal Doge has learned quite a few things from other Memecoins! With a strong community, anything is possible. By creating a place where everyone can feel safe and enjoy their investment, there is no limit. With that in mind, there is no dev tax. No marketing wallet tax. Every transaction has a 9% tax. 5% goes to our locked liquidity pool to add stability which makes our Diamond Handed investors not have to worry about volatility. 4% goes to rewarding our holders with Binance Pegged $ETH!
Our roadmap includes some huge plans and goals to accomplish!
EtherDEX will only allow trading with vetted projects! Ethereal Doge NFT’s will appeal to a massive fan base of art-loving crypto enthusiasts. EtherDAO will create a massive ecosystem that is 100% community driven with no internal leadership. A truly decentralized organization that decides the overall direction of the Ethereal Doge Community!
Like every other successful Memecoin, the community is the most important aspect. We, the team, rely on you guys just as much as you rely on us. We will work together, community and team, to create the most successful Meme on the BSC.
$ETHER will update the whitepaper with every project update moving forward.