Ethereal Doge NFT's

Ethereal Doge NFTs
The Ethereal Doge Collection is a 2500 Piece Art collection consisting of various styles of Doge.
NFT Rarity Breakdown
1,600 Common NFT’s 500 Uncommon NFT’s 250 Rare NFT’s 125 Epic NFT’s 25 Legendary NFT’s
The Cost to mint each one is going to be 0.2 BNB
25% of the mint will be stored in a lottery pool which will be paid out every 250 NFT’s minted. 4 lucky minters will be chosen and will receive 3.125 BNB each. This means, when all NFT’s are sold out, 125 BNB will have been paid out to minters!
15% of the mint will be given to NFT holders in the form of BNB rewards, meaning once you mint an NFT, every time an NFT is minted after you, you will receive BNB.
The rest of the funds generated from the sales of these NFTs will be used for project development, marketing and strategic buyback and burns.
Besides the lottery and BNB rewards, NFT holders will be receiving a TBD % of revenue generated from future utilities. The rarer the NFT you hold, the bigger the percentage you will receive.
More utilities will be announced for NFT holders throughout the project’s life.