$ETHER Whitepaper

$ETHER Staking

One of our utilities will be through the form of LP staking as well as token staking. Token staking will provide holders a specific APR based on the amount of time staked, the longer staked, the more APR received. LP is a little more complex but is more rewarding, you will have the ability to pair your $ETHER with BNB to create a $ETHER-BNB LP pair, you will then be able to stake this Cake-LP.
Token staking will benefit every holder because it comes with no extra cost, and it allows people who believe in the project to receive more $ETHER tokens without having to spend extra money buying the tokens.
LP staking is more beneficial to holders who have more money than the rest. This is due to the fact that you have to pair your $ETHER with BNB. This comes with extra risk but also comes with an extra reward. People who stake $ETHER LP will receive a higher APR compared to token staking.
This benefits the holders through being able to receive more $ETHER tokens and it benefits the token itself by taking the tokens out of supply in the case of token staking. In the case of LP staking, it benefits the token because it creates a larger liquidity pool, decreasing the volatility of the token, making people feel more comfortable not seeing large dumps on the chart.